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At Starlet, we possess the ability to produce highly imaginative shoe designs that intricately weave together various elements to form a unique and captivating final product. Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with a remarkable shoe design that meets and exceeds their expectations.

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After designing, we create sample shoes to identify conflicts and make necessary changes before manufacturing. Samples are evaluated for comfort, fit, durability, and performance to ensure high standards. This helps fine-tune and adjust the design to meet customer expectations.



The material will be selected according to your design and then sent to the material cutting machine for custom cutting, which requires skilled cutters to manually operate the machine to ensure cutting as accurately as possible. All of the required materials will be cut into certain pattern shapes before they can be sent to the next process.

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The sewing department receives the necessary materials only after marking the areas where the sewing expert needs to sew. To ensure that the shoe’s shape is sewn properly, the process requires highly skilled and experienced sewing experts.



This is the final and most crucial stage where our staff puts together all the necessary parts of the shoe and turns your designs or ideas into a tangible product. Not only is this the first step in starting your brand, but it is also the beginning of our commitment to serve you. We take great pride in this process and strive to deliver the highest quality product possible.


Environmentally Friendly Shoes

Environmentally friendly shoes, also known as eco-friendly shoes are footwear products designed with a focus on reducing their environmental impact and promoting sustainability. these shoes are made using eco- conscious materials and manufacturing processes.

Minimal Use Of Harmful Chemicals

our team of experienced designers constantly explores new trends, materials, and manufacturing techniques to develop innovative shoe designs, we aim to deliver footwear that stands out in terms of style, comfort, and functionality.


we maintain competitive pricing without compromising on quality. through efficient manufacturing processes and strategic sourcing, we offer affordable footwear options that provide value for our customers.

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